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Hire our digital marketing team to help your business with its digital presence. Our digital marketing services are top notch and can help your business dominate your industry and crush the competition.

Epitome Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency that covers a variety of marketing areas. We offer digital marketing services in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Support, and Email Marketing. We are experts in each of these areas. To learn more about the exact services we provide in each area, scroll down and click on any of the digital marketing services you feel would benefit your company below. Each page has plenty of information on how your business will benefit from hiring Epitome Digital Marketing.

Website Development Services

Our team at Epitome Digital Marketing has over ten years of experience in Website Development. Although we specialize in WordPress, we also have experience in various other platforms as well such as Squarespace, Joomla, Hannon Hill’s Cascade CMS, and Percussion’s CM1. We also have a wide variety of experience in numerous e-commerce platforms aside from WooCommerce, Shopify, and 3DCart. Our experience in working on e-commerce platforms extends to Magento and NetSuite as well. Our websites at Epitome Digital Marketing are mobile and search engine friendly.

WordPress is our bread and butter at Epitome Digital Marketing and we have been building websites in this platform for over 10 years. See why we're the best.

We have 5+ years of experience with e-commerce websites and can help you set up your online store to make money for you immediately.

We have 5+ years of experience in working with the WooCommerce E-Commerce platform. Learn more about how we can help with your online store.

We have 5+ years of experience in working with the Shopify E-Commerce platform. Learn more about how we can help with your online store.

We have 5+ years of experience in working with the 3DCart E-Commerce platform. Learn more about how we can help with your online store.

Website that are not mobile friendly will not rank well on search engines. We can help you make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Sometimes, the best way to improve your website is to just redesign it from the ground up. We are experts in knowing what will look and perform the best.

Websites should always be refreshed with new or updated content, but you're probably too busy running your business. Let us take that burden off your hands.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Epitome Digital Marketing’s team has over 5 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization. All of the websites we build are search engine friendly by default to help your business rank as high as it can on the search engine results. We can also take pre-existing websites and after our FREE SEO Audit service, we can go in and fix any issues that it finds. We excel at both Organic and Local SEO.

Finding your website organically through search engines is very important. Let us take a look at your site and show you where you can improve.

Helping potential customers or clients find your company locally is one of the most important parts of your online presence.

Paid search can bring about quick wins in regards to search engine rankings and leads. Our PPC Agency are experts in paid search strategies.

Our Website Audit service is free. We will analyze your website and your business' online presence and show you where you can improve.

Social Media Marketing Services

The team at Epitome Digital Marketing has over three years of experience at social media marketing. We understand the importance of having a social media presence for our clients. We ensure our clients’ social media pages are optimized to generate leads and to help our clients best interact with their clients or customers. We have experience with a wide variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus, Google My Business, and more!

Are your social media marketing efforts performing as well as it could be? Find out with our social media audit and we can show you were you can improve.

Properly setting up your company's social media channels isn't always easy and you may be missing out on opportunities. Let us set them up the right way.

Posting updates on social media along with quality content can both be very time consuming. We can take the burden off of your hands and post for you.

Website Support Services

At Epitome Digital Marketing, we believe that no matter how great your website looks and how well optimized it may be for search engines or mobile devices, your website needs an excellent support system behind it. Our team has over 5 years of experience in providing website support in a number of ways. The ways we excel the most in website support are listed below.

One of the first steps to establishing an online presence is the domain name (website address) for your business. Get yours started here.

Your new website will need a home. Choose us to house your website and know that your website files are secure and in good hands.

Our email hosting service gives you secure, professionally branded email addresses for your company and your staff.

If you're looking to move your website from one server or host to another, let us know and we can safely and securely move it to another location.

Website Security is of vital importance. We can help make your website more secure as well as promoting confidence in anyone who visits your website.

Websites should always be refreshed with updated content, but if you're too busy running your business, we can take that burden off your hands.

SSL Certificates are important for protecting your business' reputation as well as the information you gather from customers. Put your visitors at ease with this service.

Like computers, your website can become infected with viruses as well. If your website is acting suspicious or if you've been blocked by search engines, let us know.

There's nothing worse than a natural disaster or human error resulting in the deletion of your website files and customer information. Feel safe knowing that your website is backed up.

Keeping your website's files updated is extremely important as it makes your website be more secure and run smoother. We can help keep your website updated.

Leave the hosting, care, and maintenance of your business website in the hands of the professionals at Epitome Digital Marketing with our Website Care Plans.

Email Marketing Services

Epitome Digital Marketing’s team has over 5 years of experience in email marketing. Most companies shy away from Email Marketing altogether, not understanding the benefits it can have for their business and how it can help them grow. We set up various ways to capture new contacts, clean email lists, and help you to create high quality, high return email marketing campaigns.

Are your social media marketing efforts performing as well as it could be? Find out with our social media audit and we can show you were you can improve.

Hire Our Digital Marketing Agency

No matter if your business needs help with your website, SEO, social media, or email marketing, we're here for you. Epitome Digital Marketing has the digital marketing services you need to grow your business and gain more leads. Get in touch with us today!

Learn how your business can master the digital marketing world with these awesome insights into the various areas of digital marketing such as Web Design, SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, and more!

Why Choose Us For Your Digital Marketing Service Needs

Honest & Trustworthy

Our team is honest and trustworthy. We will always be up front with you on whether or not something can be done. If an idea sounds like it will not work or could be damaging to your business, we will let you know along with alternatives.

Top Notch Communication

At Epitome Digital Marketing, we pride ourselves on our communication. We will keep you up-to-date on projects and how things are going. We always make sure to thoroughly explain things to ensure that you have no questions about the project.

We Succeed When You Succeed

We don’t succeed until you succeed. Your company is not just another company putting money in our pockets. We consider ourselves a success when you achieve your business goals. Our goal is to grow and become more successful with you.

Superb Attention To Detail

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Many marketing agencies will just do the given task and don’t pay attention to any issues that may arise. We work proactively so as to avoid any issues that may be damaging to your business.

We Are Always Learning

We are never satisfied with our level of knowledge in the various areas of marketing. We are always eager to learn new strategies and come up with new services to offer you to continue to help your business reach its goals and become more successful.

Team Player

Our team is made up of people with a team player mentality. We work great not only amongst ourselves, but also with other teams as well. If your business requires that we work with multiple people at your company, we are happy to do this and work with your team.

Check out our work for yourself to see the high quality work that comes with hiring Epitome Digital Marketing for your digital marketing services needs.

Our Clients Love Us!

We can tell you all day how awesome we are, but the best way to judge a digital marketing agency is by what their clients have to say about their work. So check out some of the great testimonials our clients have given about what it's like to work with Epitome Digital Marketing!

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