How Often Should Your Business Post Blogs?

In today's Digital Marketing Mastery, we look at the factors that reveal the ultimate blog post frequency in this great post.

Content marketing is at the forefront of any business today. Every mature and new business posts blogs on their site to generate leads and traffic and enhance their presence on search engines. While the power of an influential and engaging blog post cannot be denied, it raises the question of how many blog posts you need to make in a week to stand high in the market.

This question has made many content writers, and marketers think. With thousands of new blog postings in SEO daily, it can be pretty challenging to determine the exact number of pieces needed to leave a mark on search engines. We’ll shed some light on this mystery as we look at the factors that reveal the ultimate blog post frequency.

What Is Blog Posting And Why Do You Need a Blog Platform?

This is the question all businesses should ask when planning their blog post ideas and strategy. What’s your company about? Why do you need to up your content game?

Having your business goals in line can help scale your blogging frequency since most brands prefer to post according to their marketing objectives. You will come across businesses posting a blog on LinkedIn and websites once a month, while others publish multiple pieces daily. Each of them is trying to achieve something different. Let us see how you can set content goals and the recommended blog posting frequency for each of them.

Building Organic Traffic

If you’re trying to bring more visitors to your page to improve your SEO rankings, your blogging frequency should remain as high as possible. Most sites that sit on top of Google’s SERPs are known to post new blog posts daily or at least 5-6 weekly. Some even publish multiple blogs every day.

Of course, having such a crowded content platform makes it hard to manage and promote each one individually. That’s why a proficient business plans its content strategy thoroughly. Google is constantly on the lookout for web pages catching user attention, so if you successfully build traffic by posting fresh, high-quality blogs every day, it would move your position higher on the SERPs.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Let’s say you run a healthcare brand and would like to highlight your values and expertise by posting blogs on your site. In order to stand out among other medical services, you want to adopt a personalized voice that gives you a unique presence in the market.

In such cases, focus must be on quality over quantity. You can keep your blog posting frequency to 2-3 times a week, but each post should be informative and to engage in the most impactful ways. Remember, your audience comes across dozens of content platforms daily. If you can capture them by writing moving blog posts with valuable information, you can easily benefit your brand image and click rates.

Who’s Your Audience?

Identifying your target audience is a critical part of any business, but it can also be helpful in planning blogging strategy. If you’ve decided to build a content platform, you must be well aware of the kind of information your consumers are looking for.

If a health enthusiast comes to your fitness blog, would they be looking for research papers or how-to guides?

If a nature lover enters your site to discover new tourist spots, would they benefit from travel blogs or top 10 reviews?

Understanding your demographic’s needs can help you specify your blog posting frequency, as some industries demand more research than others. A tech brand will lure more blog researchers than a plumbing service, so you have to learn which fields are gaining more attraction and whether or not your blog posts would be searched by your target audience.

Tips for a Consistent Content Strategy

Start Slowly

If you’re a beginner or part of a small startup, this tip is critical for you. Whether you aim to rank on the SERPs or enhance your brand image, focus on building your content platform one step at a time. Get your feet wet by posting a couple of blogs every week. If your content quality is up to the mark, you’ll build a solid audience in a matter of time.

Do not set too high of a target that does not guarantee any productive results. Start easy, build a notable presence, and gradually grow your content production strategy by bringing more resources to your team and establishing a stronger blog frequency.

Keep Your Old Content Fresh

At a certain point, your site will be so populated with content that some of your blogs will feel outdated. You might think that this shouldn’t be a problem as long as you keep posting new blogs to keep your SEO fresh.

However, that’s far from the ideal approach. In order to maintain your position on the search engines, you must ensure that all your published content is relevant to the times and industry changes.

Google’s web crawlers are constantly on the lookout for the most recent information, so if your competitors are more consistent with keeping their blog posts updated, you’ll lose your touch on the market.

Quality Counts

Doesn’t matter who you are or what your goal is; the quality of your content comes first. This feature is emphasized repeatedly, as it is an aspect you must not overlook under any condition. Your blog posting frequency won’t matter if you are not putting efforts into every piece. Marketers know this. Users know this. Search engines know this. But how can you develop every single blog when you have to write dozens of them every other week?

First, ensure you’re working with professional writers and skilled editors. Having a proficient grip on your content creation will help you remain authentic and ensure that your voice is heard. An experienced writer will make your blog post informative and readable while keeping everything SEO-friendly. To add further to the quality, you can optimize automation tools and software to enhance your content creation process.

To Sum it Up

And there you have it. Your exact blogging frequency is up to you and the brand you represent. If you’re an established brand writing for a fast-paced market, do your best by posting blogs daily. On the other hand, if you’re new to the game and trying to find your voice, it’s best to start with a couple of blog posts per week. If you’re still trying to find your way around, it’s okay to ask for help. Contact Epitome Digital Marketing today to build your grip on the industry and dominate the content game.

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