The Myth of Guaranteed First Page Search Rankings

In today's Digital Marketing Mastery, we discuss how companies who promise you first page search rankings are often lying to you or only telling you half truths. Here's how we know that's the truth.

Everyone wants their blog or content to be seen on the first page of search results. Many firms and SEO strategists sell plans and services to help you achieve that. However, more often than not, it turns out to be a scam or simply fails to deliver the promised results.

The reason is that although achieving the SERP is not impossible, many try unethical ways to achieve it, but it does not last for long. A high ranking in search results requires a lot of effort and a solid strategy.

If you believe investing in their SEO is the only way to get on the first page of search ranking, you couldn't be more wrong. Because there are factors that contribute to higher rankings.

What Guarantees the First Search Rankings?

Digital marketing firms may promise to make your content appear on the first page of Google results, but even they know it is not always easy. Although the right SEO strategy can help you achieve that, that is not all. Google's metrics are not entirely based upon SEO tactics but also on the quality and value of your content, which is added by adopting the following steps.

Average Session Duration

Google algorithms get to detect the duration a user stays on your site. A user will only last longer if your content provides the information they require. The longer a user stays on your site, the more it will improve your ranking on Google.


One way to get your SEO content to rank higher on the SERPs is by addressing the issues and queries people regularly search for. Use a technique to get into one of the feature snippets. Use your subheading in a question form, or add FAQs to your piece that will answer the problem along with the keywords. Add a meta description of your piece that summarizes the content of your web page, or use a URL mentioning long-tail keywords.

Pages Per Session

The more users click on your pages, the more likely it is that Google algorithms will catch engagement on your page and recommend it to other users with similar queries. When the bounce rate is high, around 26 to 40%, which is optimal, the pages will naturally rank higher.

Can Anyone Guarantee First Page Search Ranking?

With all the requirements that we mentioned earlier, it is safe to say that guaranteeing first search ranking is not possible. It requires constant local SEO search stats and dedicated efforts to ensure the quality of content that people are interested in reading.

More than focusing on the technicalities that could help you improve your Google ranking, it requires real ideas, original content, and value. However, some companies claim they can do this job for you, which, more often than not, is a scam.

It is not impossible, but you will need to check the credibility of the companies offering these services. Also, be aware that it is not impossible to get first of the fact that first-page search ranking is undoubtedly not possible, and following Google guidelines is still the ethical way to go about it.

Here Is Why First Page Search Ranking Is A Myth

You first need to understand that SEO is not the only one of many requirements when it comes to ranking higher. If you're paying for high-quality keywords, other people are doing the same. Hundreds or maybe thousands of bloggers may be targeting similar keywords, and as time passes, new content will keep coming.

Google also keeps adding new requirements, and trends continue to evolve. Therefore, producing content that will be relevant in years to come is a pretty unrealistic claim to make.

Furthermore, there are multiple reasons you should avoid falling for the SEO strategist's tactics if they claim to guarantee first-page ranking. It is not only difficult but also risky.

Continue reading to learn the reasons.

Google Algorithms

The first and most essential fact is a person or a company cannot own Google search engine results. Algorithms control it. To ensure the top ranking, you need to follow the Google guidelines and tools that could help you achieve the quality content you need to rank higher. You can also use tools that help you check how your page looks through SEO browser and local SEO search statistics.

Another key is providing originality in your content backed by accurate data, numbers, and links to the resources you took it from. The more credible backlinks added to your site, the better your chances of ranking higher on the search engine.

There Is No Magical Way To Rank Your Page Higher

There is no ultimate guide when it comes to ranking higher on the SERPs, regardless of what SEO strategists or companies may tell you. It all depends on which market you are targeting, your niche, and what the audience is looking for.

The approach may differ with the client and location. It is also not right to translate the keywords when you are addressing an international audience, although the industry may be the same. The right way to go about it is to integrate local SEO search statistics in your SEO strategy, as it could help you with more clarity when dealing with audiences from different regions.

This element has more to do with your clarity of the business and market you're in than with your audience. The problems you address and the solutions you provide need to come from a deeper knowledge of your business and the concerns of your audience. This can only be done when you focus more on the quality and value of the content. An SEO writer or a company cannot do that for you.

Unethical Actions

One of the reasons for not hiring people who "guarantee" this to you is that they usually adopt practices generally referred to as blackhat SEO tricks.

Damages Brand Image

Blackhat practices involve using private link networks, keyword stuffing, or cloaking. The only way to play it safe is by following Google guidelines.

Moreover, while you invest money in building your presence and credibility, you would not want to damage it with scams or Blackhat practices. This may not only decrease your credibility but also backfire in case Google catches you violating its guidelines. It could also penalize your site as a consequence.

Wrapping Up!

In truth, high search rankings cannot be guaranteed in the ever-changing digital landscape. One of the many reasons is that Google keeps updating its policies and guidelines, which require businesses to keep up with trends and new practices constantly.

To ace the SEO game, understand the complexities of SEO and ensure that you bring originality, value, and quality to your content.

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