Top 5 Link Building Strategies for 2023

In today's Digital Marketing Mastery, we discuss the top 5 link building strategies you should be looking into using for 2023.

Link-building strategies, especially quality links, can help your website increase click-through rates (CTRs), organic traffic, and overall website authority and visibility.

Even the most popular websites and brands depend on backlinks to improve the traffic and popularity of their websites.

Since link-building is a critical part of an SEO process, it continuously changes like many other SEO techniques, making it hard to choose a strategy that actually works.

This article will walk you through the five best link-building strategies you’ll ever need to increase website authority and search ranking.

What’s Link Building Exactly?

Link-building is a process of acquiring links (backlinks or inbound links) from other sites to your website. For SEO, link-building aims to improve the volume of high-quality backlinks to pages on your website to boost ranking.

More links to your site are social proof that it’s relevant and produces valuable content. In other words, inbound links are votes from other sites.

While you can get organic inbound links by publishing content others vouch for, you can use link-building SEO strategies to earn them intentionally.

Why Do You Need A Link Building Strategy?

Believe it or not, link-building is crucial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s an important SEO factor different search engines utilize to decide search rankings—who’ll get a spot on the first page.

Don’t believe us, believe the stats:

  • According to one study, websites ranking on the first page of Google tend to have 3.8x more inbound links than sites ranking on other pages
  • Over 85% of companies and marketers believe backlinks will be critical in deciding search rankings for the next five years or so

When determining a website’s search ranking, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., look at the number and quality of backlinks to your website. Think of these as a vote of confidence from another website to yours!

Thus, the more authoritative, trustworthy, and high-quality websites link to your site, the higher the sales pages and blog posts will be on SERPs.

In addition, inbound links help people find your website and can improve trust and web traffic. After all, people will trust you more when other websites can vouch for your valuable content.

Listed below are a few reasons why building links is essential:

  • You get increased traffic
  • Build and improve brand awareness
  • Boost domain authority

5 Actionable Strategies For Link Building

Link strategies are techniques SEO experts and marketers use to earn links to their websites from other sites.

According to one survey, 40% of the respondents remarked they spend more than $1000/month on link-building. But what link-building strategies should you go after and invest in? How to get quality links from external sources?

Here are the five actionable link-building strategies you’ll need in 2023:

1. Employ Strategic Guest Posting

Is guest posting dead? If you do mass guest posting only to get links, it’s undoubtedly dead. This is because guest blogging to sites that are irreverent to your industry and niche and have zero authority only to earn backlinks often proves ineffective.

This style no longer cuts it, mainly because Google and other search engines know you aren’t guest posting to contribute or add value.

To reap the benefits of guest posting, you must be authentic and strategic. According to one survey, 60% of the respondents said they only write 1-5 guest blogs per month.

Create high-quality, valuable content for other websites, such as case studies. Also, the site you guest post for should be authoritative, relevant, and draw your target audience.

If you guest post selectively, not only will you attract increased web traffic, but you’ll also get qualified leads and better search rankings.

2. Create Highly Engaging Infographics— And Distribute Them

Creating and distributing infographics is another effective strategy to increase web traffic, boost SEO and improve domain authority (DA).

56% of companies and marketers use infographics— 84% find infographics increasingly powerful. Another study shows that engaging infographics can boost web traffic by 12%.

When you create infographics that focus on trending topics and include useful data visualizations and stats, they can attract the target audience, leading to more web traffic, engagement, and quality links.

3. Leverage Broken Link Building

The most powerful and impactful link-building strategies can help you get quality, topically relevant inbound links from other sites to your own. One way you can do it is by leveraging broken links.

According to one report, over 42% of sites contain broken links. You can leverage this with a broken-link strategy— an effective way if you can’t write more content for guest posts or your blog.

Wondering how a broken link-building strategy works?

It’s increasingly simple! Find blog pages with orphan links (dead links) and recommend replacing broken links with the same content available on your website.

4. Resource Page Link-Building

Looking for a link-building strategy that scales? Try resource page link building! According to one survey, 56% of the respondents used resource page link-building to earn quality links from external websites.

But what exactly is resource page link-building?

It’s a tactic where you search for websites with resource pages— websites that curate and link to helpful industry resources— and contact them to inform them about your useful resource that can be a valuable addition to their web page.

Follow the steps to the T to earn links from resource pages:

  • Find relevant and valuable resource pages
  • Vet pages
  • Reach out to the pages you selected and recommend your resource

5. Check Your Competitor’s Backlinks

If a competitor’s content ranks higher than yours on Google and other search engines, chances are they’re on the right path. Luckily, you can be there too with a simple trick— find your competitor’s backlinks.

Checking your competitor’s inbound links helps you know what keywords they rank for, where they get links from, and the type of content they use to succeed.

Here’s how you can spy on your competitor’s inbound links:

  • Identify your main competitors
  • Locate sites that already link to competitors
  • Track new competitor inbound links in real time
  • Monitor brand mentions (also called link-less backlinks) in real-time
  • Turn brand mentions into inbound links

Key Takeaway

Your site links are crucial in deciding your search rankings on Google and other search engines.

Remember, search engines don’t care much about the number of backlinks your site has but weigh the experience and value you provide for users.

Follow these five actionable link-building strategies to earn more equality links to your site.

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