Broad River Boutique

Broad River Boutique approached us to create a better and bigger online presence for their company. Learn more about how we helped them grow beyond their wildest expectations.

Broad River Boutique, LLC is an online women’s clothing boutique that offers clothing in both standard and plus sizes. They also sell hats, jewelry, accessories, and more. Through their partnership with Epitome Digital Marketing, they have grown from an online only store to a physical store in their hometown that is beyond their wildest expectations.

Broad River Boutique, LLC started out only selling products through a Facebook group and the entire process from promoting the products all the way through shipping was 100% manual. They were not able to make the sales that they wanted to make and they did not have the freedom they wanted in both their business and personal lives.

Epitome Digital Marketing created an e-commerce store for them that was not only mobile-friendly, but search engine friendly as well. Their business exploded with growth shortly after launch, so much that they needed to open a physical store in their hometown to keep up with the sales and business growth. The majority of their process from promoting products to shipping is automated thanks to the marketing experts at Epitome Digital Marketing. Their sales have increased exponentially and they now have a lot more freedom within their business and personal lives than they did before they hired us.


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