Why Your Business Website Needs Videos

In today's Digital Marketing Mastery, we talk about why your business website needs videos and its benefits for search engine rankings.

With the culture of immediacy on the rise, audiences prefer speedy and straightforward solutions to their queries and issues. This is why many people do not visit websites that lack a chat button – nobody has the time to read flowery words on your webpage to get to the way of contacting you.

Only 20% of the website content is read by visitors before they move to something else. Thus, it has become vital to have bite-sized, digestible content to entice the audience and keep them coming back. This is where videos come in handy.

Video content for business encapsulates an ecommerce and business website's content in a digestible format, allowing visitors to absorb information and learn more about your services. Video consumption has surged in the past couple of years as content consumption habits evolve. This has become a dominant line of communication between a business and its audience.

So, are you using video content on your website? If not, do not stall, as it could be a game changer for your business.

But in case you still need more convincing, here is why:

Why Your Business Website Needs Videos

Whether you are unsure if a video would help your business with user experience or want to learn why adding video could be the strategy you have been looking for, this article is for you.

Selling is all about convincingly telling your story, and what better way than a video to share your brand personality with your audiences? Videos keep consumers engaged with the content while building trust. Statistics and studies prove visitors stay longer on websites with videos (88% more) than text or image content. Ultimately, it shows in your sales target with a higher number of leads. A study by Bitable revealed that video advertisements have the capability to generate three times more leads and 25% more impressions.

Here are the ways how video content helps businesses up their game and convert leads into potential customers:

A Better And Personalized Experience

People tend to remember information better when they see it as compared to reading it. Video content passes the information through moving visuals that have the power to linger in the minds of the audience for a longer period of time. So, what better way than a video to advertise your products and services?

However, videos posted on a website should be enticing, compelling, and high quality. The time is gone when websites were static brochures; nowadays, they are all about creating memorable, compelling, and enticing experiences revolving around the brand.

Enhanced And Improved Search Engine Rank

Remember, content is not limited to text or images. Thus, the digital marketing principle of 'content is king' extends to motion graphics such as videos.

Although video footage is not indexed by search engine crawlers, the process by which a video is optimized makes the difference.

A video offers opportunities to rank businesses on search engines because when uploading a video, you include a title, descriptions, and tags – all of which can be keyword optimized, enabling the business to leverage SEO.

Moreover, when your website has an embedded video along with its own YouTube channel. It allows enterprises to deliver superior quality backlinks, ultimately boosting the search engine result page.

Showing Off Brand Personality

Videos are effective in humanizing your brand, enabling it to build stronger connections and relationships with the audience. Building connectivity leads to trust, which creates a cycle as customers only prefer brands they can trust. According to an Adobe study, 44% of consumers spend $500 more on brands they trust.

Videos are a great medium acting as a bridge to minimize the gap between brands and consumers while building an emotional connection –which has the power to encourage purchases.

Delivering A Cohesive Brand Message

Even if your audience is speedy readers, there is a low chance of them staying on your website to consume text or image content when there are other businesses offering information and connectivity in better forms. You may fail to market your brand's message efficiently with limited content options.

Video content allows your team to communicate brand essence effectively. Regardless of the testimonial, product guides, case studies, how-to, or marketing campaign, a video offers a better chance to reach and impact your target audience.

Remember, videos are not there to replace the text and image content; instead, they complement the website copy by boosting engagement and making it easier for your target audience to connect with your brand.

Higher engagement and web traffic

As businesses learn about the power of video marketing, they are investing hefty amounts in online video budgets. Video marketing has the ability to drive organic web traffic, which is the largest driver of online visitors these days. To be precise, videos drive almost 157% more traffic from search engines.

Additionally, including videos on your website is a great way to lower bounce rates and improve your digital reputation on Google or other search engines.

Videos offer better engagement and connectivity, causing customers to spend nearly 2.5 times more time on a website. Embedding videos on your business sites have been proven to increase your web traffic by 55%, So what is your excuse for not having one for your business website?

Create a Successful Path For Your Business With Epitome Digital Marketing

Video content marketing outperforms other forms of content marketing when it comes to making people understand your brand's essence.

Think about it...it would take an individual more than 5 million years to watch the number of videos posted on the internet in a month. Hopefully, the statistics are enough to answer the question: "why your business website needs videos?"

So, it is on businesses to decide whether they want to be left behind or gain a competitive edge in their industry.

Now that you are convinced, hire a marketing agency to take care of your video marketing hassles. For the best video hosting site for business and video marketing agencies that could create an effective business video marketing strategy, Epitome Digital Marketing is at your service.

Hire our highly experienced video marketing experts to improve connectivity and turn leads into potential customers.

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