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Hire our website design experts to help ensure your chiropractor practice's website ranks higher on search engines and brings you more leads.

Epitome Digital Marketing is an internet marketing company with a focus on Columbia website design. We can assist you if you need a personal website or blog, a website for a small business, or an online store. Our company builds websites using WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and 3DCart. All of the websites we build for our clients are responsive, and we can help you make your current website mobile-friendly.

We also specialize in website redesigns, providing your company's website the much-needed update it requires and enhancing its functionality to be more current with latest website technology. And finally, Epitome Digital Marketing is the best option for you if all you need is someone to regularly or occasionally update the material on your website. Here are some details regarding our website design services.

Chiropractor Website Design Services


You may discover references to keyword research on practically all of our website's service pages because it is one of the main elements of any successful marketing campaign. For you to target the appropriate demographic and persuade them to become paying clients, our Chiropractor web design experts have experience using the appropriate keyword research tools.


Your website is the cornerstone of every successful marketing campaign, making web design and development one of our major specialties. Our Chiropractor web design company creates "clean and professional" websites for our customers. To find out why, go to our Work page.


Although our Chiropractor web design business is capable of working with a variety of content management systems, WordPress is where we shine. The open source community played a role in our decision to use WordPress. We can create professional websites for you at affordable pricing using WordPress.


If you want to turn website visitors into paying customers in the tablet and smartphone-dominated world of today, you must have a website that looks amazing and runs swiftly on all platforms. Our Chiropractor website design professionals will ensure that people can get the information they need to become paying customers by making your website responsive or mobile-friendly.


Even if a website looks great and runs well, if it isn't properly optimized for search engines, it won't help your business expand or generate new leads. Our staff will ensure that your website is appropriately optimized using the most recent SEO tactics and approaches as one of Chiropractor's top web design firms.


Why not delegate the chore of giving your website a home to our Chiropractor website design company? Numerous websites are hosted by us. We provide daily backups and monthly updates to the server-side data to make sure that your website functions properly and can be recovered in the case of a natural or human disaster.

Hire Our Chiropractor Website Design Agency

Just like our bodies need regular maintenance and worked on by expert hands, so does your website and overall digital presence for your practice. Ensure you are in the best hands by calling Epitome Digital Marketing today. We can "adjust" your website and overall digital presence, helping you rank higher on search engines and bringing in more leads.

Chiropractor Website Design Benefits

Professional Appeal

With our company, there are no outdated or outmoded designs. Wix or any other well-known free website builder that just made its appearance this month won't be used to create your website. A group of skilled web designers will build your website using reputable programming languages and content management systems, giving each page a professional appearance.

Organized and Structured

User friendliness and your desire to keep visitors on your website for as long as is reasonable will be taken into consideration when designing and building it. Your website's layout sends users to your contact or product pages from the home page. The ultimate objective is to draw in and retain patients.

Mobile Friendly

One of the most important characteristics of a website today is its mobile friendliness. Mobile-friendly websites now rank higher thanks to Google's recent algorithm adjustment. Mobile devices are used by the vast majority of website visitors. You can unwind knowing that your website will be accessible from mobile devices like tablets and phones.

Search Engine Optimization

Your properly optimized website will help search engines like Google and Bing find you! Your website will become more user-friendly as a result, and it will rise in the search engine results. As a result, the optimized website we create for you and your chiropractic business will receive a ton of traffic.

Website Analytics

For some folks, nothing is more important than examining the statistics and outcomes. If you want statistics, look no farther than Epitome Digital Marketing since your website will be developed with analytics in mind. To ascertain how well different pages and components of your website are functioning, you can make use of every element of Google Analytics.

Easy to Modify

We build websites to be as flexible as possible, even while we do post-launch maintenance to keep your website updated and maintained long after we launch it. One of the benefits of an easy-to-update website is that it will make it easier for our staff to update it in the future and add new content. When one of our clients wants to update their own website, we also handle this. Additionally, Epitome Digital Marketing provides its clients with top-notch how-to videos upon request that demonstrate how to upgrade their websites.

Chiropractor Website Design Process


During this initial phase, we make contact with the client and go over everything in regards to what they’re looking for in their website project.


Initial Website Build
During this phase, we build the website’s theme, the homepage, and two subpages as a sample.


Initial Client Review
In this phase, the client does an initial review of the website to see if we are on the right track.


If everything isn’t to the client’s liking in the previous step, we make revisions until they are happy.


In this phase, we build the full website and all features requested in the Discovery phase.


In the testing phase, we test the website in multiple website browsers and on multiple devices to ensure a high quality website.


Final Client Approval
This phase is where the client looks over their website one last time, giving us any last minute revisions.


The website has been fully tested and the client has given final approval so now the website launches along with any social media pages.

Why Choose Us For Your Chiropractor Digital Marketing Needs

Honest & Trustworthy

Our team is honest and trustworthy. We will always be up front with you on whether or not something can be done. If an idea sounds like it will not work or could be damaging to your business, we will let you know along with alternatives.

Top Notch Communication

At Epitome Digital Marketing, we pride ourselves on our communication. We will keep you up-to-date on projects and how things are going. We always make sure to thoroughly explain things to ensure that you have no questions about the project.

We Succeed When You Succeed

We don’t succeed until you succeed. Your company is not just another company putting money in our pockets. We consider ourselves a success when you achieve your business goals. Our goal is to grow and become more successful with you.

Superb Attention To Detail

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Many chiropractor marketing agencies will just do the given task and don’t pay attention to any issues that may arise. We work proactively so as to avoid any issues that may be damaging to your business.

We Are Always Learning

We are never satisfied with our level of knowledge in the various areas of marketing. We are always eager to learn new strategies and come up with new services to offer you to continue to help your business reach its goals and become more successful.

Team Player

Our team is made up of people with a team player mentality. We work great not only amongst ourselves, but also with other teams as well. If your business requires that we work with multiple people at your company, we are happy to do this and work with your team.

Hire Our Chiropractor Website Design Agency

Just like our bodies need regular maintenance and worked on by expert hands, so does your website and overall digital presence for your practice. Ensure you are in the best hands by calling Epitome Digital Marketing today. We can "adjust" your website and overall digital presence, helping you rank higher on search engines and bringing in more leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some questions, please check out these common questions below. You can also check our main Frequently Asked Questions page which has questions for all of our services here at Epitome Digital Marketing. Finally, if you can’t find your questions there either, you can fill out the form on our Contact page to ask us anything else.

Yes, one of the most important marketing tools for a business today is a website. More homes have computers and internet connections than ever before. Smartphones are also a popular device that can be used to view websites.

We do not have a set price for this as every website is different. A small business or corporate website will have different requirements than an e-commerce website. Plus either type of website may also require different features from the next website.

While there are free options out there, these website builders have their limitations, both from a functional perspective as well as from a design perspective. By hiring Epitome Digital Marketing, you’re taking advantage of nearly a decade of website development experience from our awesome team of developers.

Yes, our website consultations are free. We will have you fill out a website questionnaire form so we can get to know you and your website needs as best as we can before quoting you a price. If you’re ready for your free website consultation then fill out our Website Worksheet.

No, you don't have to buy your domain name. We can purchase your domain for you. Check out our Domain Name Registration service to learn more.

Yes, once your website is ready to launch, we’ll need to log into where your domain name is hosted and point it towards the website we’ve built for you.

Yes, we do host websites. Check out our Website Hosting service to learn more.

We build all types of websites. We build websites for personal usage, blogs, small businesses, corporations, and e-commerce websites.

E-Commerce websites are websites that you purchase products or services online such as Amazon.

We can build websites for almost any industry. We have previous experience in the following industries: health & wellness, higher education, construction, entertainment, manufacturing, religious, and more!

Once we have your website deposit and all information required, we can typically begin within 48 hours of receiving all that we need.

There is no concrete amount of time that it takes to build a website as most websites are different. An e-commerce website will take longer than a standard business website which will take longer than a personal website or blog. However, communication is one of our strengths at Epitome Digital Marketing, and you will always be informed of our progress.

Once your website is finished and your invoices are all paid up, the website belongs to the client.

Yes, we can generally pick up where they left off. It depends on what state your previous developer left it in.

Yes, if you already have a website, we can update it.. We offer Website Updates services.

The websites we build can be updated by our clients if they choose to do so.

Yes, we will teach you to update your website. The websites we build come with high quality training videos. For further training, we will assist you in learning how to update your website for our hourly rate of $75 per hour.

Yes, we encourage you to get a branded email for your website. You can get as many email accounts as you want.

Yes, by default, our websites are search engine friendly to ensure that your company ranks as high as they can on the search engine results. If you already have a website and need it optimized for search engines, check out the Search Engine Optimization services we offer.

No. Any company who promises you a top spot on the search engines is not being honest with you. There are a number of factors that go into your website’s search engine ranking. For example, you’re competing with similar companies who may already have a head start on their website’s SEO and have already established their brand on the search engines. Our SEO services can help you with this.

Yes, along with being search engine friendly, our websites at Epitome Digital Marketing are designed to be responsive by default so that your website can be viewed on your phone and other mobile devices.

If your company already has social media set up, we will link your website to them. If you do not have social media set up for your company, we offer Social Media Setup services.

Yes, our client websites all have Google Analytics set up so that visitors can be tracked, either for the benefit of the client or for our own business stats.

While your website isn’t required to have a blog, it is very necessary for numerous reasons. A blog can be used to better connect with your customers and make you a bigger authority in your industry. It also has SEO benefits and will help your website rank higher on search engines.

If you have any other questions that were not found in the above answers, then please fill out our form on our Contact page.

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