Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Audit

Let's talk about the benefits of conducting a social media audit for your business.

At Epitome Digital Marketing, we often get asked by our clients: why do I need a social media audit before we start working together? Better yet, what are the benefits? As it turns out, there are a lot of reasons, both for us and you, as our client. Today, Epitome Digital Marketing will be explaining why your business needs an audit as well as the benefits. With this information, you will be better equipped to represent your business on social media platforms, earning the attention of potential customers and increasing brand awareness. Let’s get started!

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Audit

What is a Social Media Audit?

Before we discuss the benefits associated with conducting a social media audit, it’s important that you have an understanding of what exactly it is. Similarly to accounting, an audit acts as a chance to go through everything and take a closer look at what works and what doesn’t.

A social media audit report allows you to take a step back and analyze what’s been working for your business on social media as well as highlighting the areas where improvements can be made. When conducting your audit, you’ll really want to take the time to look at all of your channels on a regular basis (weekly, if possible, but at least a couple of times each month).

When conducting your audit on social media, you will want to take the time to look at what you’ve been doing across social media platforms and determine what has been working well for your business. All major social media networks will give you access to various insights and analytics, and that, mixed with your own website stats (tools like Google Analytics are essential) should give you a better idea of what’s going on in the digital world of your business.

What Are the Benefits of a Social Media Audit For Your Business?

Now that you have a better understanding of what the purpose of a social media audit is, you may be wondering what exactly your business can get out of it. Put simply, a social media audit helps your business refocus on your social media marketing. An audit will show you how well you are performing and what should be changed. An audit will also identify what your priorities should be going forward as well as how well-equipped your team is to make the most out of social media.

When discussing the benefits of an audit of your social media for your business, you can think of your audit report similarly to getting a car serviced. We get our cars serviced so that we don’t experience any unexpected issues down the road. A social media audit report does the same for your social media marketing. Conducting an audit can save you time, effort, and ultimately, money in the long run. Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific benefits of conducting an audit for your business.

  1. Identify Your Best Posts
  2. Analyze Your Audience
  3. Improve Your Social Media Strategy
  4. Conduct Competitive Research
  5. Save Money

Identify Your Best Posts

One of the biggest benefits of conducting an audit for your business is that the report gives you a chance to identify your best posts. After all, being shown what is working is great and this can work to better inform you of what you should continue doing in the future. An audit report by Epitome Digital Marketing, will show you the best posts so that you know exactly what to focus on going forward in your social media marketing strategy.

Analyze Your Audience

One of the most important components of social media marketing is understanding your audience. When you are able to understand your target audience, you can make better decisions surrounding what you post on social media platforms. With a social media audit, Epitome Digital Marketing can help you learn who your audience is and what they want from a business like yours. With this information, you can craft more impactful social media posts that will earn the attention of your audience, engage them, and increase your leads and sales.

Improve Your Social Media Strategy

No matter how much hard work you’ve put into your social media strategy, there’s always room for improvement. When you conduct a social media audit for your business, you will be able to identify the areas of your social media marketing strategy that need to be improved. By identifying areas of weakness, you can reinforce strategies to strengthen your social media marketing approach overall, increasing brand awareness and becoming more visible to your target audience.

Conduct Competitive Research

Another huge benefit of conducting a social media audit is found in the ability to get a leg up on your competitors. In order to have an advantage over your biggest competitors, you need to identify what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and what is working for them. In doing so, you can learn how to take what works for them and do it even better- gaining an advantage over them. A social media audit for your business is one of the best ways to make improvements that gives your business the boost it needs to win over your competitors.

Save Money

Have you been shoveling your hard-earned cash into social media marketing campaigns that have yet to show the results you’re looking for? If so, a social media audit report could make all the difference. When you waste money on flawed social media campaigns, you aren’t doing your business any favors. Instead, you’re losing money and losing customers. A social media audit report will point out the areas where your social media campaigns can be improved, showing you where to focus your money. This will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. That’s something that all small business owners can get behind!

Let Epitome Digital Marketing Help You Come Out on Top With a Social Media Audit!

Now that you understand what a social media audit is as well as how it can help your business come out on top, it’s time to work with a digital marketing agency that can make the entire process easy and painless: Epitome Digital Marketing. When you choose to work with our talented digital marketing professionals, you’ll receive a free consultation where our professionals will work alongside you to pinpoint areas of improvement as well as identifying the areas where your business is doing a great job so that you know what to continue doing.

Interested in learning more about what Epitome Digital Marketing can do for you? Contact us online today or give us a call at (980) 404-9250. We look forward to working with you!

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