How To Build Traffic On An E-Commerce Website

Here is a great guide to help you figure out the best techniques for building traffic on your e-commerce website.

It is important to learn how to build traffic on an e-commerce website. Last year, e-commerce sales were responsible for 14.1% of all retail-related sales worldwide, so it's no secret that online shopping has caught on massively.

Consequently, online retailers have their work cut out for them as they try to get the attention of buyers and drive them to their websites.

If you hope to grow your online business and create a powerful e-commerce platform to drive better profits, you’ll need to attract more visitors to it. Naturally, more visitors mean more prospects and more significant opportunities to convert them into paying customers.

As an e-commerce SEO agency, Epitome Digital Marketing has helped countless businesses with their organic and paid efforts, and we can do the same for you.

This is a quick guide to help you figure out how to build traffic on an e-commerce website. Let’s explore your options, and then together, we can figure out which is the best path for your business.

How To Build Traffic On An E-Commerce Website

Top Ways On How To Build Traffic On An E-Commerce Website

It is possible to outperform competitors even if you are new to e-commerce. All you need to do is facilitate your online platform with organic and paid traffic and implement a bonafide inbound marketing strategy built to find new leads and bring them to your store.

Make sure that your e-commerce marketing strategy has the following components:

Use Social Media To Build A Following

Using social media to build traffic is a common practice but requires consistency and strategy. With over 2.50 billion active users, Facebook is an important platform to utilize to gain traffic. Likewise, Instagram and LinkedIn also have their place as active platforms.

Just make sure that your target audience uses your chosen platform before you indulge in the following tactics:

Run Paid Ads

  • Facebook: This business-optimized platform offers superior targeting capabilities and ad delivery. Facebook knows what products your customers are interested in and allows you to advertise them directly to their timelines through Dynamic Ads.
  • Instagram: A hugely popular platform among young people. Instagram's business account allows you to advertise your products in the form of carousels, collections, videos, stories, and of course, pictures.

This is a great platform to achieve traffic from because of its ability to track trends more efficiently, and its variety of choice

If you find the process complicated, our e-commerce marketing company can help you implement paid ads!

Organic Traffic

In case you don't want to spend money to drive traffic, these organic ways to create an audience can be as effective if used as a part of a comprehensive strategy:

  • Hashtags: These help segment audiences by trends. Instagram is reliant on hashtags to denote trends and normalizes excessive use. A good practice would be to understand the hashtag protocol on your social media platform of choice before using them to build traffic.
  • Interact: Use the 'social' aspect of social media and be readily available to provide customers feedback. A page that engages with customers is seen as active, and in doing so, gives itself another avenue to influence conversions.
  • Be Social: Running a social media page for your business doesn't have to be only about ads and responding to queries; people like interacting with pages when they seem human. Post pictures, videos, and behind the scenes insights into your company. The more likable you are, the more traffic you will get.
  • Relevance and Consistency: Make sure you post regularly and keep the page fresh. A poorly run page negatively affects any traffic you may gain and adversely influences your brand's image.

Conduct Giveaways

It is crucial to think outside the box to gain traffic. Conducting a giveaway would help drive traffic to your WooCommerce page, as it engages your audience and creates momentary commotion around your brand name.

Invest In E-Commerce SEO To Help People Find Your Website

Although it is made using Google optimized code, WooCommerce requires expertise to help your website rank higher.

Reportedly, 53.3% of overall website traffic is derived from organic search; thus, it's imperative to make sure your online presence is optimized. Optimizing your presence means making your website more authoritative through quality content, trustworthy service, and topical relevance.

Doing so will help it rank higher on the search engine results page and build traffic.

Create A Keyword Strategy

Creating an efficient keyword strategy is a 4-step formula:

  • Compile A List: Think of things people will search for when looking for your business. A good train of thought would be to take your business's theme and work towards specific products in your catalog.
  • Think Conversions: You want traffic that is looking to make a purchase, so you should develop a strategy around long-tail keywords. These are specifics of a particular product that people will search for when they are deeper into the buying cycle.
  • Know Your Place: Use tools such as Google Keyword Planner to track traffic and volume for different keywords. This allows you to know who to compete with when trying to rank high for certain words. You may want to try ranking category pages or product galleries if your brand has a competitor with a monopoly.
  • Implement: Use your desired keywords in your on-page and off-page marketing plans to see results.

 Build Links With Others In Your Niche

Gain traffic off of other websites that are similar in nature to your business. Google's algorithm decides what pages it likes based on how many other people consider it credible.

A good way to illustrate that is by the number of pages that link back to yours.

Link building is like being endorsed. You don't want to be supported by websites that Google does not appreciate, and Google only appreciates high-quality content.

Build links to gain traffic through:

  • Start A Blog: Develop high-quality content relevant to your business. Publishing product reviews, comparisons, and guides will make it easier for you to build links with your e-commerce page and plug your products.
  • Guest Blog: Divert traffic from an industry thought-leader to become trustworthy and speak to an audience interested in the product you're selling. Write guest blogs for similar businesses and get your name out there!
  • Get Featured: Try to get mentions from influential stakeholders in your industry. Being featured by a manufacturer or by an influencer who has bought from you would drive traffic towards your e-commerce website.

Get Reviews From Satisfied Customers

Perhaps it is unfair to call WooCommerce SEO limited. WooCommerce can be more effective than platforms like Shopify when used with third-party SEO services and a blog posting site.

The latter can benefit from strategies like this one.

Shopify SEO requires quality content and credible information to succeed. For example, getting a product review from one of your most loyal or satisfied customers can offer you readily marketable content.

Endorsements can drive traffic to your website like nothing else.

Let The E-Commerce SEO Experts Take Charge Of Your Traffic

As an e-commerce marketing company, we help businesses build buyer personas and generate revenue with cost-effective e-commerce SEO that delivers results.

With over ten years of industry experience, Epitome Digital Marketing, can bring traffic to any e-commerce website. Whether it’s WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, or even 3Dcart SEO that you need help with, get in touch today!

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