How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your E-Commerce Business

Learn how social media platforms can help direct traffic to your e-commerce store more effectively than SEO and PPC.

Exclusive sales. Paid partnerships. Loyalty programs. As an E-commerce business, you might have tested every trick in the book to attract customers, but you are now out of ideas. This is why you need to tap into the power of social media marketing for your E-commerce store.

Recent reports suggest that 70% of customers search for products they need to purchase on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Social media platforms help E-commerce businesses create a strong web presence, generate increased traffic, and convert them into paying customers.

E-commerce SEO and PPC help direct traffic to your E-commerce store. Social media platforms do it much more effectively, thanks to targeted options that let you reach out to a unique audience.

It is a goldmine that’s waiting to be tapped into and leveraged for maximum results. Still not sure about incorporating social media marketing into your E-commerce store’s marketing strategy?

Let the following points convince you of its effectiveness:

  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty
  • Directs Increased Traffic To Your Website
  • Enhances Your SEO Efforts
  • Increases Engagement Through Newsjacking
  • Offers Valuable Data And Insights
  • Creates A Strong Brand Authority
  • More Customer Satisfaction

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your E-Commerce Business

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

Social media platforms allow you to make a direct connection with your audience and customers. Reports suggest that 53% of people who follow a brand on social media end up as loyal buyers.

As we already witnessed in 2020, 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide. This number is only going to increase in the coming years. This presents you the opportunity to connect with your customers and instill brand loyalty through impeccable services at various touchpoints.

By being an active member on social media platforms, you can enhance your brand image, create meaningful relationships, and develop trust among your customers.

Directs Increased Traffic To Your Website

Your E-commerce site is where the magic happens, and a robust social media marketing strategy serves as a tool to get leads for your website. Regardless of the social media platform you opt for; you can always offer a link to your E-commerce store’s site right on your store’s page.

This will allow your leads and customers to visit your website if they find your products or services compelling. As more people interact with your social media content and share it, your E-commerce site's search engine rankings continue to increase.

The higher your store ranks on search engines, the more people will interact with it and visit your site.

Enhances Your SEO Efforts

E-commerce SEO is not only about incorporating high-ranking keywords in your content and ranking high on the search engine results. Social media platforms play a considerable role in your E-commerce site’s rankings.

E-commerce SEO experts can ensure that your social media activity contributes to your reputation as a trustworthy source for goods and/or services. They know that Google algorithms place a high value on your social media activity and utilize it to work wonders for your E-commerce SEO efforts.

Increases Engagement Through Newsjacking

Newsjacking is the process of breaking the latest news and hottest trends to your leads and customers to enhance your sales and marketing efforts. By incorporating this strategy, you can capitalize on the hype created by a popular trend that your audience is paying attention to.

But to capture your audience's interest and generate more traffic for your website, you need to jump on the story when it’s still trending among your audience.

Moreover, align the news with your E-commerce business to generate more relevance and interest for your brand.

Offers Valuable Data And Insights

Accurate data and actionable insights are essential for any marketing campaign's success, even if it’s for an E-commerce store. You need to be entirely in tune with your campaign's results to evaluate your store’s marketing efforts' key performance indicators.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer built-in metrics to gauge your page's engagement, impressions, and reach. This allows you to monitor your customers’ interests and opinions to improve your inbound marketing campaigns.

Try using analytics on your social media posts to monitor the traffic they direct towards your website by inviting users to click on your site’s link. It also allows you to calculate the ROI of the total interactions you were successful in getting.

Creates A Strong Brand Authority

By promoting your store on social media, you get the opportunity to shed light on their unique characteristics to attract more audience. Social media serves as the most cost-efficient inbound marketing method to enhance your brand recognition and establish it as an expert in a specific niche.

Attracting customers and compelling them to interact with your social media posts can help increase awareness and establish a rock-solid reputation for your brand in the market.

When a potential customer shares, comments, or likes your posts, chances are that others in their friend’s list will see their activity. This can be a referral of sorts, introducing your brand page to a larger audience.

More Customer Satisfaction

As social media platforms serve as a useful communication tool, they can work as potent tools to create a voice for your E-commerce store. They encourage your customers to post comments and respond to your brand’s news so that you can provide personalized responses to create a more human experience.

Each time a customer interacts with your social media page, you get the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of customers for your E-commerce store. When your target audience experiences your devotion to delivering the best customer experience, it enhances your brand image and helps you convert more leads.

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There is no denying that social media marketing efforts can work wonders for your brand. If your E-commerce store does not already have social media profiles on the right platforms, you need to create them.

Let our experts at Epitome Digital Marketing help you explore the best platforms online and explore some new social media marketing opportunities to leverage.

We can get your E-commerce store in front of a vast audience by posting interactive content that compels your target audience to engage with your brand. Gain more social media followers and direct more traffic to your E-commerce site to increase your sales and grow your bottom line.

With consistent social media marketing efforts, you get to experience enhanced brand loyalty, increased conversion rates, and even a boost in your store’s search engine rankings. With a cost-effective tactic like this, you have nothing to lose.

But if you don’t have the resources to invest in social media marketing, leave this task to us. Epitome Digital Marketing is a renowned E-commerce marketing company. We can create your store’s profile on popular social media channels and post high-quality social media content for maximum impact.

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