Why Your Business Website Should Be Built On WordPress

Check out these five reasons why businesses choose to build their website on WordPress.

Just 20 years ago, small businesses that had a website were few and far between, and WordPress experts like us weren’t even a thing. The internet was just starting to go mainstream, and websites were usually only used by big corporations because they were costly to build and hard to maintain.

But in 2020, you’d be hard pressed to find a business that doesn’t have its own website. They’ve become par for the course, providing a first stop of choice for consumers looking for products, services, or information. And one of the biggest names providing a foundation for small business websites is WordPress.

Introduced in 2003, WordPress was a game changer for building an affordable online presence. It helped to launch blogging as we know it today and remains the largest content management system in existence. One out of five self hosted websites are powered by WordPress, and that number continues to grow.

But forget about stats and accolades for a moment: why should you put your faith, resources, and business reputation in WordPress (and our WordPress experts)?

Take a look at five of the top reasons why your business website should be built on WordPress and how you can get started with your own professional WordPress website:

  1. You Have Complete Control Over Your Website
  2. It Provides SEO Benefits
  3. Multiple Users Can Manage It
  4. Many WordPress Features and Plugins are Free
  5. It Offers Versatility and Scalability

Why Your Business Website Should Be Built On WordPress

You Have Complete Control Over Your Website

DIY website platforms like Weebly and Squarespace are so easy to use that anyone could build their own website, regardless of experience. But these platforms are extremely limited in how much you can customize your website. You’re stuck using the same templates and layouts that every other business is using, and the result is usually a website that looks “homemade” rather than one that’s cutting edge and professionally designed.

By comparison, WordPress allow its users to fully customize their website from the ground up, including the site’s functions, accessibility, and appearance. You choose where and how to host your website, and because the website’s code is self-contained, there’s never any risk of losing your website if a host were to shut down.

It Provides SEO Benefits

Search engines love WordPress websites because the platform is inherently designed to cater to search engines. A clean, simple code makes it easier for search engines to find and understand information on a website, which can help to better index your content and rank you higher in search results.

In addition, you can leverage WordPress plugins like Yoast and XML Sitemap to make your content more SEO friendly. These plugins can show you point blank where you can optimize your content without the guesswork, giving you a competitive edge with every blog post or web page.

Multiple Users Can Manage It

Unlike many website platforms, you can set up multiple authorized users to help you manage your website, even if they’re not in the same physical location. Users can work on the website remotely and collaborate with other users from any computer or mobile device, which makes it easy to make quick changes and keep your website looking and functioning its best.

Many WordPress Features and Plugins are Free

The most basic version of WordPress is a powerful workhorse on its own, and it’s completely free to use (for life!). Once you sign up for a WordPress website, you can choose from thousands of free themes that will serve as the foundation for your website.

You’ll also have access to thousands of free and paid plugins that amp up your website and give you even more functionality, both on your back end and to your end user. Each plugin is downloaded separately and is designed to perform a specific task, such as the following:

  • Optimize content for search engines
  • Create forms
  • Post job listings
  • Add social media sharing buttons
  • Backup website data
  • Enable page caching
  • Build online communities or members-only areas

This is one of the reasons why WordPress is so customizable and user friendly. You don’t need a wealth of coding knowledge to build a powerful website.

It Offers Versatility and Scalability

WordPress was originally designed for blogging, but it can be used for any type of business website. Because of the number of themes and plugins available, website owners can mix and match elements to create the unique experience they envision for their business.

What’s more, your website can grow with your business. There is no limit to the number of pages you can have. Even if you write a thousand blog posts, the functionality and speed of your website will not be compromised.

And once you switch to a WordPress website, you can add and delete features and plugins as you go with very little effort. Because plugins are “ready made” and don’t require you to write code from scratch, you can easily and quickly implement new features and updates to improve your user experience.

How to Get Started with WordPress

The fastest route to market with a professional business website is to work with a reputable design firm with experience in building and updating WordPress websites. Partnering with WordPress experts will not only allow you to get your website up and running quickly, but can also provide the high-level expertise and guidance to ensure you get all the features and functionality you need to power your business and make the best impression.

At Epitome Digital Marketing, we have more than 10 years of experience in designing WordPress websites from the ground up. Contact us today to start putting the power of WordPress to work for your business.

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