9 Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Learn why your business may need to consider redesigning your website to rank higher on search engines and gain more leads.

Many businesses have thought about redesigning their websites but are afraid of getting into what they believe is such a time-consuming, expensive project. First, redesigning your website should be looked at as more of an investment. Your website is one of the primary marketing tools for your business. First impressions mean everything and our team can say from personal experience that we have decided to not do business with a company simply because of the bad impression their website gave us.

A website redesign is not necessarily going to be that time consuming or expensive. It all depends on what needs to be redone. You’re not always going to be redesigning absolutely everything on your website including your logo and overall branding. Sometimes it can be just restructuring your website and a few updates behind the scenes of your website to make it look better. Check out the 9 reasons discussed below in this article and ask yourself if these items apply to your current website. If they do, fill out our Website Redesign Form so we can discuss this further.

  1. Fresh Content Helps With SEO
  2. Website Should Be Mobile Friendly
  3. Website Should Be Social Media Friendly
  4. Website Looks Old And Outdated
  5. Website Needs Restructuring
  6. Make Website Easier To Update
  7. Add New Features
  8. Slow Website Speed
  9. Growing & Evolving Business

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Fresh Content Helps With SEO

No matter how big or small your website is, you should not have the same content on there forever. You must occasionally freshen up your content by rewording it, adding content, or removing content. Doing so helps with your website’s SEO (search engine optimization). Google rewards websites with constantly changing content by moving them up the search results as it gives the appearance of an active website.

Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

Is your website mobile friendly? Since last year, Google started giving websites that are mobile friendly priority and a higher ranking than websites that are not mobile friendly. So, making sure your website is mobile friendly should be a very high priority and is honestly one of the most important items on this list. It’s almost important enough to warrant its own reasoning for a website redesign even if your website is good in all the other areas mentioned in this blog.

Website Should Be Social Media Friendly

Social Media is the king as far as online interactions go. Nearly everyone who frequents the world wide web uses one or more social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If your business has no social media presence on any social media channels, you are possibly missing out on more visitors to your website, which could translate into more customers. Another big social media aspect of today’s websites is the ability to share your blog articles and other aspects of your website with visitors’ friends on their social media pages. Share buttons, like buttons, etc. can be placed on your website easily.  We can help make your website more social media friendly with our Social Media Marketing service.

Website Looks Old And Outdated

If you’ve been using the same design for your website for many years, it may look old and outdated. You may also run into the same issue if the person designing your website did not do a good enough job the first time around. Your website may be using old and outdated design principles as well as the functionality of the website itself. This all leads back to first impressions being everything.

Website Needs Restructuring

Your website may need to be restructured if not done properly the first time. A common issue on many websites is an oversaturation of content on the homepage or in the header of a website. Many websites will try and cram as much information into the header or the homepage itself as possible, fearing that many visitors will not go past the homepage to get the information they need to purchase their services or products.

Your business website must be properly structured to provide a smooth transition from one piece of information to another until the website visitor finally lands on the page where they can purchase your products or services. When you read a book or a magazine, the editors do not put as many articles or content as they can on the first few pages. The book or magazine is structured somewhat evenly on every page, giving the reader a smooth flow of content from beginning to end, so why shouldn’t your website function and look the same way?

Make Website Easier To Update

Another common issue in website design and development is that websites are often designed in a way that is difficult to update. No matter if it’s difficult for the person who originally built your website or if it’s difficult for anyone from your business to update, it is very important that you are able to update the website.

The websites we build, no matter if it’s an informational website or e-commerce website, hand-coded HTML or using a content management system such as WordPress, we ensure that they are easy to update for our clients if they wish to. We provide high quality, easy to understand video walkthroughs by request if they choose to update the websites themselves.

Add New Features

You may be wanting to add new features to your website. Depending on how your website was originally designed and developed, it may not handle the placement of these new features you desire. You would then need to have your website redesigned to accommodate these new features. Simply tacking on a new feature may interrupt the flow of your website and make for a less desirable user experience.

Slow Website Speed

In today’s online world, users expect a page to load instantly. The longer it takes for a website to load, the longer your users are waiting and the more you risk them leaving your website. Website speed also affects your SEO ranking, causing you to possibly end up further down the search results, decreasing the chances of new visitors finding your website. A slow website can be due to a number of issues, such as your web hosting platform, how the website was developed, such as poor optimizing of your website files and images.

Growing & Evolving Business

Finally, another thing to consider for redesigning your business website is that it gives off the impression that your business is growing or evolving. It shows you are not remaining stagnant and gives off the appearance that you are a leader in your industry. It shows website visitors you are constantly trying to improve yourself and care about first impressions. This shows you also care about providing quality services or products to your customers.

How Epitome Digital Marketing Can Help

We have redesigned many websites, even helping to successfully rebrand more than one company’s entire online presence. These redesign efforts have helped these companies grow their website visitors and online sales significantly. We have experience with informational websites and e-commerce websites. We have experience with simple HTML/CSS websites and bigger websites using content management systems to handle hundreds of pages.

Check out our Website Redesign service to get started today so we can begin to help you build a better online presence for your company!

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