5 Reasons For Responsive Website Design

Are you losing out on leads? Here are five reasons why responsive website design might be a good idea that can help your business.

Websites have a colossal influence on the business's perceived trustworthiness. In fact, 75% of their credibility can be attributed to responsive website design that provides real value to the visitors.

That is why nearly 73% of companies have reportedly made it a priority to invest in web design, enhancing their underperforming websites as soon as possible. After all, not having an up-to-date and tech-enabled business platform can negatively impact your business's reputation in the industry.

Are you losing out on leads and still haven't decided to redesign your website?  You should know that 89% of customers go straight to your competitors and purchase from after a poor user experience on your site. You'll lose reputation and trust with your audience, as well as sales, if you don't put time, resources, and effort into creating beautiful and responsive website design.

Here are five more reasons why it may be a good idea to redesign your website:

  1. Your Website Doesn't Look It's Best On Mobile
  2. You Can't Rank Higher In SERPs No Matter What You Do
  3. Visitors Report Abysmal User Experience
  4. Your Website Design Is A Remnant Of The Past
  5. Your Website Needs To Speed Up

5 Reasons For Responsive Website Design

Your Website Doesn't Look It's Best On Mobile

Today, most of the web traffic is derived from mobile. If more of your customers are on mobile, you will barely get any conversions without responsive website design.

According to research, 74% of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites.  The modern society we live in is all geared up with technology and all things digital. The fact that our generation and the coming ones are so comfortable with technology, makes it essential for businesses to comply with the digital trends to reach out to their target audience.

According to a report, 50 percent of mobile users visit a retail store within a day of visiting the website, and 18 percent of local searches result in purchases. With the given facts and stats, every web development agency today emphasizes redesigning and creating mobile responsive website designs for businesses to retain more prospects and customers.

You Can't Rank Higher In SERPs No Matter What You Do

SEO is an extremely important factor in the business's digital presence. More website design and development services focus on SEO-optimized websites to make the business rank higher on the search engine.

For better understanding, over 93% of online experiences start with search engines, like the commonly used Google. Moreover, today, SEO and web design go hand-in-hand to increase conversion, web traffic, and ROIs.

SEO highly impacts the ranking of your websites – ranking higher means getting closer to your customers. Web development services for small business and brand marketers reveal that 75% of users never scroll past the first page. In most cases, only go through the first 3-5 websites on the first page. This means your prospects will hardly reach you if you don't rank higher on the search engine.

Visitors Report Abysmal User Experience

User experience is much more than the colors and themes of your website. It comprises several different elements that combine to form a user experience for the website visitor.

Elements including valuable content, functionality, usability, navigation, design, adaptability, and layout play a crucial role in forming the website visitors' user experience. More website development packages offered by numerous large and small business website design services are focused on all of these elements. Missing out on a single component can be quite troublesome for the business.

According to the statistics from a report, 70% of online businesses fail due to their website's bad usability experience. 53% of mobile users leave web pages that take longer to load. In comparison, 60% of online shoppers claim that user experience is a critical factor of the buying journey.

With all the given numbers, UX (User Experience) definitely has huge importance to be a part of any website design and development packages offered by any web development company.

UX of a website should be smooth, making the website easily accessible. It should also be fast, functional and responsive, to keep the visitors hooked. Moreover, it gives massive ROIs for business; each dollar invested on the website's UX gives an ROI of 9,900%, summing up to 100$ in return.

Your Website Design Is A Remnant Of The Past

The aesthetics of a website highly influence the attitude of the visitors towards the business website. One of the most infuriating things for a business clientele is a stale website with unattractive aesthetics and design.

Today, an appealing website is more imperative than ever. A report tells that 59% of people will browse your website, watch or read something only if it's beautifully designed and has extremely attractive aesthetics that pleases the mind.

Hundreds of digital marketers offer various WordPress website design packages, small business website design packages, and branding services to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors.

When you invest in website design and development, don't forget to pay attention to the colors, images, valuable and informational content, navigation, alignment, white space between the texts, and the consistency and continuity of the content available on the website.

Your Website Needs To Speed Up

If your website is slow, people are unlikely to stay on your website. Websites with a high load time are much more likely to be abandoned even before the visitors get a peek at it.

More than 47% of website visitors expect the web pages to load in literal 2 seconds. Moreover, 40% of people abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds of load time.

Worried Where To Get Your Site Redesigned?

Now that you know the signs stressing over your website's redesigning, it's high time to seek professional help from a reputed website design and development agency. If you want expert help and a timely solution, then Epitome Digital Marketing is the ultimate solution for you.

We are a 360-degree website design and development agency that understands the needs of all sorts of businesses and industries and cater to them accordingly, without missing out on the important elements. We also work as a WordPress web development agency with numerous WordPress-related services for small, medium, and large-sized businesses.

Taking more time to redesign your website can potentially lead to more customers. Contact us or visit our website today to get in touch with our experts.

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  1. Responsive website design really plays a very important role if you want your visitors to stay on your page. The point that you have shared is that your website won’t rank if it’s not a responsive website design it true.It is really important that you rank in SERP as you are likely to get higher traffic in this case.

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