Why Is My Website Not Ranking High On Google?

In this edition of Digital Marketing Mastery, we discuss reasons why your website may not be ranking high on Google.

There are around 1 billion websites on the web; even if we narrow these numbers according to industry or niches, there will still be many websites to compete with. Let's say you have done a great job selecting an attractive theme for your website and creating a user-friendly interface, but you are still not showing on Google search results.

Your website ranking depends on multiple factors, apart from attractive themes and creative designs. Here are the top reasons why your website isn't ranking higher on Google search results.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Unable To Rank

There are chances that you may be missing out on some technical aspects, and your website is missing crucial elements for Google website ranking; let's find out below:

Wrong Or Incorrect Use Of Keywords

Using the right keywords is crucial to improving Google search ranking. Keywords are search terms that people use in search engines to find related information. Google has a smart algorithm but is unaware of your website's nature; it will only understand your website's nature or the page's topic with the right keywords.

You can use keyword research tools like SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords for your website. These tools will also give competition and search volume for each keyword, making it easier for you to market and rank your website in general or for local SEO solutions.

Another keyword issue is using too many keywords on your website; this method was effective in the past, but the current algorithm highly discourages it. Your website can even get penalized by Google on "Keyword Stuffing." Check your website content, tags, meta description, titles, and heading if they are missing potential keywords, even your domain name can have a keyword.

Website Load Speed

Usually, websites don't take much time to load; websites can take, on average, four to six-seconds to load; many users don't stay on websites that long and leave the webpage. Google pays significant importance to website loading time for ranking.

One element of website engagement metrics is "Bounce Rate," which is an essential factor in website ranking. It determines how long a visitor stays on your website before leaving; high bounce rates are a bad sign for your website and ranking procedure.

A high bounce rate is often due to slow websites, poor design, and irrelevant content. Moreover, high bounce and low conversion rates can be why your website cannot rank on higher Google search results.

Lack Of Backlinks

Backlinks are extremely important for website SEO and ranking; they are links in your websites that direct the visitor from one website to another. There are two types of backlinks:

  • External Backlinks: This type of backlink directs the viewer from your website to a different domain website.
  • Internal Backlinks: These links direct the visitor to other web pages within your website.

These links create credibility and authority for your websites; backlinks often lead to valuable statistics, information, data, and sources. Since Google is a user-friendly search engine, its primary objective is to deliver valuable content to its users.

If your website content does not have valuable backlinks and domain authority, it is unlikely to gain a strong ranking on SERP.

Your Website Content Is Poorly Constructed

Out of the several factors that can hinder your website ranking, website content remains the top priority. The current Google algorithm measures the quality of your website content. Some website owners recklessly put content on their websites without creating a proper structure and flow.

Furthermore, well-structured content is only effective when you have high-quality content. Your content should provide value to the reader. The primary objective should be building trust with your audience base.

Furthermore, having less content on your website can be another factor in a poor rank on SERP. Less content on your website means fewer keywords and backlinks; without these essential elements, your chances of ranking higher get slimmer.

Having no content is an issue that can be resolved quickly without damaging your website, but duplicating or copying content from other websites poses a severe threat. You can have copyright claims or face direct action from Google; they can penalize or suspend your website.

Even when you get permission from the owner to use their content on your site, Google algorithms still discourage this and affect your website ranking while facing troubles from the search engine. You can take help from the best local SEO services in your region.

You Are Not Taking Advantage Of "Google My Business"

Google My Business has features that can benefit your website, which cannot rank higher in search engine results; it has significant potential for websites. Google My Business helps websites optimize their SEO.

Connecting your account with Google My Business creates a trusting relationship between your website and the Google algorithm. It shows that you care about Google's values and regulations.

Creating an account on Google My Business is simple; once you have created an account on Google My Business, it will guide you through your target audience, SEO, and other valuable metrics to improve. Follow their instructions until you have optimized your website; following the steps and taking help from this platform will definitely enhance your ranking in SERP.


Knowing the problem is the first step toward solving the issue. Ranking a website is not difficult until you have the correct metrics and elements to improve, identify the lacking in your website and key areas to improve, and take necessary help from tools and SEO practices to rank your website.

You don't have to do it yourself. If you are unaware of the practices and methods, leave it to professional local SEO services in the USA like Epitome Digital Marketing to rank your website higher on Google. Trust the experts, and your website will rank higher in Google search results. You can get an idea and check our website ranking with our free website audit feature on our website.

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