How Can I Get More Reviews For My Business?

In this edition of Digital Marketing Mastery, we talk about how you can get more reviews for your business.

Having access to the internet has drastically changed the way a person shops. Whether it's a smartphone, a pair of shoes, or a happy meal – each time a person spends money, it requires a process to ensure the investment is worth it. Well, the chances are that most people skim through the customer reviews during that process.

When a prospective customer hears the opinion of others that have already interacted with your business, it develops an idea and perception which influences their decision-making in a way any other advertising never could.

Customer reviews are the new word of mouth in today's digital world. People learn from them, and most of the time, they make their decisions based on them. As a matter of fact, research conducted by Dixa revealed that 93% of the customers read online reviews before purchasing, while 47% brag about their satisfied customer experience and 95% shout about a negative experience.

According to, displaying customer reviews or comments in social media marketing strategy is incredibly profitable, too. Representing a real-life experience of your consumer on your website, blogs, emails, social media platform, etc., shows how greatly you deliver your brand promises. This article describes different ways to get more Google reviews from your customers.

Why are Customer Reviews Important?

Consumer reviews and comments have turned out to be a valuable marketing tool that bridges the gap between traditional word-of-mouth and a known form of feedback that significantly influences customers' opinions.

As a business owner, apart from providing outstanding services to customers, you must encourage them to share their feedback and suggestions about your brand. This allows you to make better decisions in the future, helping meet customer expectations.

However, before you start collecting customer reviews to incorporate them into your digital marketing strategies, let's discuss the importance of customer reviews for any business.

Room for Improvements

Reading reviews given by consumers helps a company analyze its overall customer experience. Customer reviews are a great medium of providing a business with feedback regarding which area needs modification.

Customer reviews serve as insightful data that can help the company improve its customer service by efficiently resolving customer issues.

Social Proof and Credibility

In today's advanced digital world, anyone relying on online information is a social creature interested in knowing what others say before making their purchase decisions. Customer reviews are much like personal recommendations and suggestions given by unknown people, allowing us to judge a product or service based on perception.

Boosts SEO

Building an SEO-friendly website requires time, effort, creativity, and unique content creation. While unique content is integral to search engine optimization (SEO), you might be surprised to know that there are some other ways to boost your efforts.

How exactly?

Customer feedback and reviews can help in SEO. When a customer comes to the brand's site to leave a review, they provide unique content that Google can easily track and index. As reported by Search Engine Watch, the statistics mentioned below support the value of reviews on an ecommerce website:

  • Every review is unique, increasing the company's chances of appearing in Google search engine ranking
  • 72% of customers take action after reading positive reviews
  • 31% of customers are more likely to spend on a company with online reviews

While Google's ranking technique constantly changes, one thing that remains constant is the requirement for original and creative content. Online reviews make up about 10% of the Google and other search rank results, so it's apparent that they aren't optional.

Customer Engagement

A customer leaves a review at your site with the thought of hearing back from you. If you receive a negative review, it's essential to respond to it. You can engage with the customer to ask why they have such a review about a product and what you can do to eliminate it. Online reviews and customer feedback have the power to foster active social communities where the audience share their experiences and interactions with the brands, product, or services

4 Ways On How To Get More Customer Reviews For Your Business

In today's constantly evolving, saturated digital world, an online brand can't afford to neglect the importance of reviews. Here are some practical ways to get more customer reviews:

Follow Up With The Customer

Once a customer has purchased your product, consider sending them an email for a follow-up. In your follow-up email, you can ask them how your product or service has resolved their concern. You can also introduce more products with it. Make sure to remove friction between your kind request and their interest in submitting a review.

Ask The Right Questions

Make sure to ask relevant questions, nothing vague or unnecessary. You must know the expected answers from your customer before you ask them the questions.

Run A Contest

In this technology-driven world, customers are hugely attracted to personalized fun activities. Run a contest, such as questions, polls, voting, etc., to encourage your customer to leave a review. You can run a campaign related to your particular product or service and ask customers to upload photos with your product with the relevant hashtag. As a result, you can collect and incorporate this data into your business reviews.

Offer Discount Or Reward To Reviewers

Another excellent method to encourage customers to submit testimonials is offering discounts and rewards. You can offer a 10% discount on a similar product if a client has left a review. Moreover, you can also give a buy one, get one free reward to those who submit reviews with photos.


Customer reviews are an effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy in this competitive digital age. It provides outside insight and perspective on the brand, product, and services. Online reviews and customer feedback can quickly assist a company in driving revenue and building a credible reputation.

However, with the evolving consumer approach to a digital world, it's difficult for ecommerce businesses to keep up with the innovative techniques to improve customer experience. Therefore, Epitome Digital Marketing, is here to help you understand the importance of reviews and how to benefit from them to boost your business's reputation to get ahead in the competitive digital marketplace.

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