5 Reasons For Email Marketing

Learn how email marketing is a revenue stream that your business could be missing out on and how to utilize it to grow your business.

Email marketing is still a viable form of marketing and one that should not be ignored in today’s world. Are you marketing your website via email? If not, your company could be missing out on a revenue stream you didn’t realize you were passing up. Most major retailers and companies, in general, are using email marketing to grow their business.

Odds are, most of the big websites you frequent during your internet browsing sessions ask you to subscribe to their newsletter. Discover why most of these websites are likely taking advantage of a lucrative marketing channel often overlooked so you can get started today!

Here are our 5 reasons for email marketing.

  1. Easy To Customize And Target Customers
  2. Easy To Reach Mobile Customers
  3. More Cost-Effective Than Other Marketing Channels
  4. Measurable Results
  5. Action Oriented

5 Reasons For Email Marketing

Easy To Customize And Target Customers

One benefit of email marketing is that it is easy for you to customize your emails and target specific customers. With direct mail marketing, brochures, billboards, and TV commercials, you’re typically marketing to a broad base of potential customers. It’s often a hit and miss effort. With Email Marketing, you typically have people who signed up for your newsletter list who want the specific products or services your company offers.

This means that chances are they’re more than likely already interested in what you’re offering and more likely to buy. That’s not always the case in other marketing channels where potential customers will just overlook your printed cards, brochures, etc. and just toss them in the trash.

Easy To Reach Mobile Customers

Email marketing also has a huge advantage for reaching mobile customers. It is one of the only marketing channels that can be accessed instantly via their mobile phone. Email Marketing is faster since emails send instantly, allowing you to reach your customers quickly. It allows them to respond quickly and possibly purchase your products and services.

More Cost-Effective Than Other Marketing Channels

Compared to other, more traditional marketing channels such as billboards, direct mail, ads, etc., email marketing is more cost-effective. Unlike most marketing channels, you are not charged for every minute that your company’s newsletter is sitting in a potential customer’s inbox. It is cheaper to resend that email campaign than it is to keep a billboard up for longer periods of time or to re-print the brochures, direct mail, etc. for another round of sending them out.

Most newsletters require a few images and some copy to prepare them to send out which can typically require the work of one person. With most traditional marketing channels, you typically have to work with several people and companies to square everything away for your marketing efforts. This is also not cost-effective for your business.

Measurable Results

One of the biggest advantages email marketing campaigns have over those of traditional marketing services is that you have clear, measurable results, typically within hours of sending out your newsletter. Software used to send out emails come with features that show you how many people opened the email, how many clicked on links, how many unsubscribed, how many emails bounced due to email errors, and how many people reported your email as spam.

If you hire someone who is excellent at web and email development, they can code the links in your email to show even more detailed analytics information by integrating it with Google Analytics. This will then help you understand which links they actually clicked on in your newsletter and where they went next on your website. This will help you learn if they purchase your products or services thanks to the email campaign.

Action Oriented

Finally, the fifth reason for using email marketing for your company is that it is action-oriented. Sending your campaign via email gives newsletter subscribers direct access to replying to the email and forwarding it to other potential customers. You also will have buttons attached to the different parts of your email, which can direct subscribers to landing pages set up to funnel users to product pages or pages to hire you for your company’s services.

How Can Epitome Digital Marketing Help?

We have over five years of email marketing experience, converting subscribers into customers. We have experience with a wide variety of subscriber lists from health food companies to gun manufacturers to sports merchandise companies, and more! We have managed email marketing campaigns for clients with a subscriber base of over 100,000 subscribers.

We have done these things using proven email marketing strategies such as optimal design and development, mobile-friendly emails easily viewable on a variety of device types as well as dozens of email clients. We have experience with email marketing software such as MailChimp, Sendy, and iContact. We also have experience with bigger email marketing software that also helps automate sales such as Infusionsoft.

Now that you've heard our 5 reasons for email marketing, discover how our Email Marketing Service can help your business today!

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