5 Reasons You Should Backup Your WordPress Website

Website Security doesn't have to be complicated. In this post, learn about the many effective ways to keep your website safe.

Did you know that businesses suffer ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity issues every few seconds?

The threat of data theft is growing exponentially as websites are targeted by hackers every 39 seconds. This is mainly because businesses don’t take the necessary steps to secure their websites, which make them prone to such online attacks and result in massive losses.

Website security doesn’t have to be complicated. There’re many effective ways to keep a website safe, for example, by using a strong password and opting for top-quality website hosting, etc.

However, the most significant step you can take is to conduct regular website backups.

These data backups get a copy of all the content and info on the site. Next, all you need to do is keep this data safe with you so in case anything happens to your website; you can quickly use the backup to restore it.

Of course, you’ll need expert help to get this right.

Count on the digital gurus at Epitome Digital Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency, to effectively backup your WordPress site, Wix, Drupal, or any other CMS.

Here are five reasons why you should give them a call today:

  1. Protection From Human Error
  2. Reverse Issues During Essential Updates
  3. Prevent Data Loss
  4. Manage Compatibility Problems After
  5. Installing New Add-Ons
  6. Widespread Malware Infections

5 Reasons You Should Backup Your WordPress Website


1. Protection From Human Error

Humans are prone to error, and that’s a fact! You may accidentally delete some files from the website or create changes that may disrupt its functionality, etc. Although you can fix them as you like since there are plenty of ways to do it, the most effective one is restoring the website backup.

What if, for some unknown reason, your website stops working? Now, you’ve two choices; either determine what the issue is and resolve it or restore the recent backup.

Which one do you think is easier, faster, and makes more business sense?

If you choose the second option, your website can start working instantaneously.

No doubt, backing up your WordPress website always comes in handy, which is why you must do it every day.

However, you can also outsource this task to Design by Mikey, LLC. Our experts can effectively backup the WordPress website and database so you won’t lose your crucial data.

2. Reverse Issues During Essential Updates

Updates are essential for smooth website functioning. However, it’s quite common to perform a website update and find out that the site isn’t performing well.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t perform updates on your website; however, you need to be careful when doing it.

And the best way to go about it is through an automatic or manual backup system. That’s because if you’ve got an automated online backup for a WordPress site, you can efficiently perform updates without much worry.

3. Prevent Data Loss

Did you know that data breaches have exposed about 4.1 billion records of various companies and businesses across the world?

Imagine losing all your precious data – blogs, how-to-guides, infographics, videos, e-books – at the hands of a hacker. What if some necessary data is deleted by one of your employee’s careless mistakes?

The fact is that these things happen where people unknowingly deleted years of content from the website. What’s more depressing and damaging is that you don’t have a way to bring it back!

Among the many reasons that you should have a website backup, this one stands tall. When you’ve got a credible WordPress backup in place, it means your data is reliably secured, no matter how you lost it – since data loss can also take place without human error.

So, if you want to back up a WordPress site, Epitome Digital Marketing can get it done smoothly.

4. Manage Compatibility Problems After Installing New Add-Ons

Whether you’re using WordPress or some other CMS, the chances are that your site relies heavily on add-ons like plugins, themes, etc.

Although they’re incredibly handy tools, if these add-ons malfunction, it might affect your website’s entire ecosystem.

So make sure that you have a complete website backup before you make any changes at the backend.  Install add-ons (themes and plugins) to your website with care and caution, and choose only the ones with impressive ratings and reviews.

Backup your WordPress website before activating the new plug-in or theme. If there’s a compatibility issue, you can restore the WordPress website from backup and install a new, different tool.

5. Widespread Malware Infections

Many people believe that malware infection only impacts personal computers, but that’s not the case. Millions of sites have been hit by malware infection and about 27% of their total data has been infected by malware.

Even though you take website security as your top priority and therefore arrange best practices, chances are they still find a way to breach your security and hurt your data. No CMS, including WordPress, is safe from frequent cyber-attacks.

For example, WordPress often encounters threats from countless automated bots looking for vulnerabilities to exploit.

Troubleshooting malware is highly tricky since you don’t know when the website is clean, so the vulnerability factor always remains in place.

That’s another reason for having an efficient and timely backup since it can help you clean your website quickly.

Don’t Fret! Epitome Digital Marketing's Got Your Back!

Now that you know why it’s crucial to have a credible backup for your website, it's time to talk to a reputed website backup service provider such as Design by Mikey, LLC. Our website backup services provide you the necessary protection you require.

Our WordPress backup services include the following:

  • Daily automatic backups of your databases and websites
  • Instant integration with Design by Mikey, LLC’s hosting products
  • Can restore individual files as well as a complete hosting account

If you’re looking for credible WordPress backup solutions such as full WordPress backup and restore or WooComerce backup and restore, Epitome Digital Marketing does it all and a lot more with guaranteed results.

The slightest delay can prove a considerable risk to your website data. Contact us today on our website or give us a call at (980) 404-9250 to learn more.

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